27th January 2021

Administration Incorrect usage data

2021-01-27 11:10PM EST: We have become aware that usage data (GBs delivered) is being severely underreported from 2021-01-20 forward. We are investigating to determine the cause.

2021-01-28 12:30AM EST: We identified a recent change to log analysis processes responsible for the incorrect calculation. To repair the data, all of the analysis results since 2021-01-20 have been discarded and logs starting from that date are being re-analyzed. Usage reports generated before this process completes will report incomplete or missing data for this date range. Video view counts are also affected and will be recalculated as the logs are re-analyzed.

2021-01-28 7:04PM EST: Log re-analysis has completed. Usage data should now be accurate, and video view counts are being updated normally.