17th February 2021

High delivery error rate

2021-02-17 12:48 PM EST: We discovered that our origin storage service was again failing to deliver content to our CDN. During this time, video content may have buffered for a long time or failed to load.

2021-02-17 1:42 PM EST: We mitigated the issue with a temporary change to our CDN service configuration. We will continue to monitor the origin storage service's progress in properly resolving the issue. We have paused the ingest queue as uploads to the storage service will likely fail until this is resolved. Videos may be uploaded but will not begin processing until the queue is resumed.

2021-02-17 5:00 PM EST: We have resumed the ingest queue and are monitoring to ensure that video processing completes successfully.

2021-02-17 5:15 PM EST: The ingest queue appears to be running successfully.