11th March 2023

Planned data center migration, scheduled 1 year ago

2023-03-16 04:52 AM EDT: Background services are re-enabled. There was no downtime as a result of these services not running. The migration is complete, and we will monitor closely over the next few days to ensure that all services behave as expected.

2023-03-16 02:55 AM EDT: Primary services have been started in the new data center. The CMS application is online and WebTV subscriber authentication is working again. There are several other background services that are still being configured.

2023-03-16 02:02 AM EDT: All services in the old data center have been stopped and we've begun performing the final transfer of data to the new environment. Unexpectedly, WebTV authentication is impacted. Existing subscribers may not be able to log in to WebTV. Subscribers who are already logged in should be able to watch uninterrupted.

We are in the process of migrating our services between data centers. Our new hosting environment will be substantially better performing, more scalable, and provide a greater degree of flexibility as we continue to develop and expand our services.

Most of the work required to perform the migration has already been completed, but there are several components that cannot be moved ahead of time.

We are scheduling a two-hour maintenance window starting at 2:00 AM EDT on Thursday, March 16 to move these components. During this maintenance window, the following services and functionality may be impacted:

  • The Streamotor CMS management application will be disabled.
  • WebTV viewers may be unable to subscribe. Subscribing on other platforms may or may not be possible.
  • Subscribers may be unable to make changes to their subscription, such as updating their credit card information, disabling auto-renew, or upgrading their subscription.

The following services and functionality are not expected to be impacted:

  • WebTV and OTT apps (including the related video content) will remain available.
  • Existing subscribers will be able to log in and view subscriber-exclusive content.

Service impact may not last for the full duration of the maintenance window. We will provide updates here as maintenance progresses.

As with any large systems project, we will continuously test product functionality to ensure that everything functions as intended after the migration is complete, but there may be unanticipated lingering issues that we could miss. We encourage everyone to report any incorrect or unusual behavior following the migration to our support team.