14th April 2020

VOD delivery High origin latency

2020-04-14 9:00 PM EDT: We are observing high latency between our CDN and our origin storage. This is resulting in slow or failed delivery of video data, which can result in client-side video buffering or errors displayed during playback. We have notified our storage service partner.

2020-04-15 1:18 AM EDT: Latency spikes are still occurring but are not as severe. The overwhelming majority of cache miss requests are being successfully served, though with higher than usual response times. Video playback may buffer periodically.

2020-04-15 1:50 AM EDT: We have made some configuration changes at the CDN level in an attempt to mitigate the continuing origin latency issues.

2020-04-15 2:28 AM EDT: The CDN configuration changes have helped to bring down average client request latency and the request error rate. VOD delivery service should no longer be impacted. We will follow up with our storage service partner in the morning to follow up regarding this incident.